Тоскана Италия предлагает конные туры в Маремма Тоскана Сиена

Конные маршруты

Тропы Мареммы

Sunday: A light day ride to a Roman thermal bath in the Cecina valley will allow you to get to know your horse and the surroundings.

Monday: Huge old trees and thick undergrowth are an indication of the native forests of the Alta Maremma Toscana, Tuscany. During the picnic you enjoy a wonderful view to the sea. The rocky path to the castle ruins of Fosini has a unique beauty. In the evening we reach the magnificent Renaissance estate of Anqua. The horses will stay over in the meadows belonging to this friendly Sienese noble family.

Tuesday: From Anqua we head out to Lagoni, a hot springs area. The landscape loses its wildness to more charming agricultural developments typical of centuries of occupation - picture-book Tuscany. We pass by abandoned farm houses, cross fields and small rivers until we leave the horses overnight close to the village of Fosini.

Wednesday: Not far from Fosini lies a well-known cultural monument in Tuscany - the abbey ruins of San Galgano. This cloister built in the 13 Th. century used to be the cultural and economic center of the region. Once we have viewed the legendary walls of this historically-significant church, we gallop into wide open meadows and follow the legendary "Ancient path of the Maremma" until the castle "Luriano", where our horses stay 2 nights and have a day to relax.

Thursday: Relax or discover the area on your own. We would also be glad to organize excursions to Massa Marittima, Siena or to the sea.

Friday: The next morning we cross the beautiful grounds belonging to the Countess of Luriano and move on to the romantic riverbed of the Merse. Watch how the trout flash through the rushing water away from the hooves of the horses. One last time experience the soft beauty of the Maremma hills and after a steep climb, turn back to the Rifugio Prategiano.

Путешествие к Морю

Sunday: Heading towards the coast, enjoy an adventurous ride through the thick, unspoiled Macchia. Overwhelmed by the variety of wild Maremma animal and plant life, we reach a typical Maremma farm in the late afternoon.

Monday: In the morning re ride along the typically cultivated agriculture area, passing by olive groves and vineyards. Before you can catch the first breath of ocean air we have to climb up the last hills. Over old trade trails that go through cork oak and Mediterranean bushlands we move closer to the coast.

Tuesday: A gallop along white sand beaches, a refreshing bath in the ocean - on this day you will experience the sea. Mediterranean plant life, steep rocky shores and romantic sand coves as far as the eye can see. After a picnic in an idyllic nature park near Follonica, you can devote yourself to the beach, with or without your horse.

Wednesday: A day of rest for the horses gives you the possibility to follow your own plans. We will also be glad to coordinate an excursion with the other guests.

Thursday: We will cross over to Massa Marittima. A trot along the gray-green shimmering olive groves, a gallop through endless cypress rows? These are pictures of Tuscany you will never forget.

Friday: After a difficult climb and one last look at the sea we enjoy the cool shadows of the chestnut forests on the way back to Rifugio Prategiano.

Отдых с верховой ездой

Out of our 20 Maremma horses you will find one that suits you: large and small, sturdy and fit, playful young ones and reliable, experienced horses. What they all have in common is a balanced character, sure-footedness and good condition. Their overall will to survive in the earlier wilderness conditions of the Maremma has created a strong warm-blooded race, and an ideal trail horse.

Still today the horses are bred and raised all year in the wide meadows. Intense friendships and an organized hierarchy mark the life of our horses. Through the security of the herd they develop a quiet, strong character. They are experienced on difficult land conditions. We ride without strong aids, in English or trail saddles, and on a loose rein.
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