Тоскана Италия предлагает конные туры верховые прогулки и отдых в Маремма Тоскана Сиена

Отдых с верховой ездой, Путешествия на горном велосипеде, Велосипедный туризм

Discovery Week

You are not sure whether "happiness is being on horse-back"? Then why not give it a try? With experienced help you will become comfortable fluent in the important fundamentals of trail riding after 12 hours in the saddle. As soon as you are comfortable with riding and confident to step out of the ring, you are ready for your first trip out. You will quickly learn to trust the quiet, balanced temperament of our horses. The ideal combination of riding lessons and outings is individually structured. Each evening your riding instructor will discuss the next day's lesson with you.


Конные прогулки с проводниками, Тропы Мареммы

Discover the beauty of Maremma Toscana Tuscany on the back of one of our friendly and sturdy horses. Does a holiday to you mean being in the saddle for a half or whole day? Or how about a whole week riding from one place to the next? You can choose!

Satellite rides are a half-day ride from the Prategiano. If you decide to go on a full-day ride, you simply return to the stable with your horse in the evening. If a two- or three-hour ride is good enough, then after the midday picnic you can change your horse for a seat in the bus that will drive you back to the hotel. Your horse will in turn be given to someone who has chosen to take part in the afternoon portion of the ride back to the hotel.

The two 6-day trails are for destinations farther afield. Unlike the satellite rides, the horses will stay overnight where you arrive in the evening that day, while you will return to the familiar peace of the Rifugio Prategiano. Please prepare to arrive in time for these scheduled trail rides! If there are no planned trail rides that week, different satellite rides are offered, from Sunday to Friday.

Конные прогулки с проводниками - Тропы

LAGONI: Hot springs and sulphur vapours that gush out of the ground mark the Cecina valley. Our horses are used to the hissing sound of the geysers, so you can quietly study from horseback how geothermal energy is used.

MINES OF GERFALCO: A wild-romantic path leads to the former silver mines, from where there is a wonderful view to the sea. The afternoon ride takes us through the small medieval alleys of the village of Gerfalco, followed by a bizarre landscape of meadows with unusual layers of Tuscan earth colours.

GALLERAIE: The ride to the springs of the Cecina and along the river leads us to the hotel Galleraie, where we visit ruins of antique baths from the time of the Etruscans. In the afternoon you have an endless view over the provinces of Grosseto and Siena.

PRATA: Old trade and animal paths cross through these native forests. In this area one often meets wild animals such as fox, deer, wild boar or porcupines.From the "Poggio di Prata" you can enjoy a wonderful view to the sea and to the island of Elba. A full-course picnic awaits us near the mining village of Prata.

BOCCHEGGIANO: We ride to the mines of this village, which were once worked for pyrite. The number of mines no longer functioning is an indication of how successful the region once was and how times have changed today with the continuous out-migration of this industry.

CHIUSDINO: This day ride will take you from the wild Maremma through the typical agrarian country of the Sienese hilly landscape that so typifies Tuscany. While wandering through the village of Chiusdino, enjoy the picturesque view of the Merse valley.

RIVER MERSE: Overgrown fruit trees surround crumbling farmhouses and, depending on the time of year, invite you to a fruit snack. Riding through the crystal waters of the Merse River, experience how nature has recaptured former agricultural land through the years. On warm days the high point of the riders' week is a swim for riders and horses in the river. After the picnic we have the possibiliy to visit the abbey ruins of San Galgano. Feel the indescribably mystical atmosphere around the standing remains of the Romanesque chapel, making this one of the most interesting visits in Tuscany.

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Hotel Tuscany Toscana Назад на главную страницу гостиницы "Маремма Тоскана"; туры верховые прогулки и отдых возле Сиены в Маремма Тоскана, Италия

Хотите получать информацию об туры верховые прогулки и отдых в регионе Маремма Тоскана (Италия), возле Сиены, или хотите забронировать номер в гостинице? Пожалуйста, пишите нам (reception@hotel-toscana-tuscany.com) или звоните (0039 0566 997700)! Мы будем рады Вам помочь.

Тоскана Италия предлагает конные туры верховые прогулки и отдых в Маремма Тоскана Сиена лошади, Конные туры, верховая езда, отдых, Тоскана, Италия, Тоскана, Сиена, Маремма Тоскана Италия предлагает конные туры верховые прогулки и отдых в Маремма Тоскана Сиена лошади, Конные туры, верховая езда, отдых, Тоскана, Италия, Тоскана, Сиена, Маремма

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