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"Everything we hoped for and more"
MY wife and I stayed here for a week as part of a mini tour of italy for our honeymoon. We were not disappointed and were sad to leave for a 5* in Rome!!! It is worth noting that Hotel Prategiano is exactly what it looks like and does exactly what it says on the tin: A rustic, family ran, countryside retreat set in some of the most splendid surroundings. If you are expecting the Ritz then please do not apply, as if you are fussy, you will always be so. After the long drive from Venice we descended into the hills and after soaking up the epic scenery and beautiful hilltop medieval villages, we would have been disappointed if Hotel Prategiano had been any different. We were initially booked for 5 half day rides, but we ended up doing the full day 'river ride,' which included a camp fire style barbacue and picnic lunch. The riding was flexible and was booked by an informal chat in the evening with the guide, Andrea, who was always full of humour and easygoing. If you are not into horse riding, the area is a haven for ramblers/hikers, mountain bikers and quad bike enthusiasts. It is also nice to have the option to chill out by the pool or in the jaccuzzi, which always goes down well after a day in the saddle. The whole beauty of this location is that you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and medieval, hilltop villages, the nearest being a 10 minute walk into Montieri. Be mindful that whilst most at the hotel speak excellent english, the locals have never really had a need to, so you may need to brush up on a few Italian phrases! The beach at Follonica or Punt Ala is only 40 mins away, Siena the same and Florence and Pisa approximately 1 hour 30 mins. The food on the whole was very good, comprising of basic rustic dishes and tradtional dishes for the region to roast beef and mash. The rooms were basic, but clean and cumfortable, and in general keeping of the surroundings. On the whole the staff were always helpful or at hand to fix a drink or snack. To conclude we enjoyed every minute of our stay at Hotel Prategiano, and look forward to having the opportunity to revisit on our anniversaries for years to come.

"What a find!"
My Girlfriend and I love to horse ride and road bike. The hotel and area in general is superb for both activities, The Hotel is simply amazing, it feels like a large chalet. The staff were funny and welcoming and to be honest it felt like we had made friends rather than been waited on or just another customer. You wanna ride? Ride, you wanna chill? chill, easy. Most notably I have to say the food was incredible.. Everyday we were treated to the most delicious traditional foods from the region. Being British it was so refreshing to be surrounded by other nationalities rather than our own. I actually proposed to my girlfriend on an all day horse ride. The lunch was again more than we had bargained for, the Italians love to eat and be together. Such a memorable experience. If you road bike the roads are infinity better than any in England and you cannot take a bad photo of the views and vistas. Every village is beautiful. After 4 hours riding around the hills the hot tub was more than welcome! I would go back tomorrow and my girlfriend is planning the honeymoon

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This swathe of land between the wide Maremma Tuscany Italy plain and the slopes of the Toscana mountains is striking in its diversity and the way the plains, rolling hills and luxuriant forests interweave with each other. Cinigiano Maremma Toscana still maintains an old-fashioned, rural way of life. A lone sea of grass precedes Campagnatico, overlooking the wide river valleys of the Ombrone. The ancient castle Tuscany Italy was mentioned in Canto XI of Dante. It subsequently passed into the hands of the Italy Tuscany Tolomei who were particularly keen on controlling this extremely fertile land. Tuscany borders the regions of holidays Toscana Italy Liguria to the northwest, Emilia-Romagna to the north and east, horse riding Tuscany Italy Umbria to the east and Lazio to the southeast. Tuscany has a western coastline on the Tyrrhenian Seacycle holidays Tuscany hotel Italy, containing the Tuscan Archipelago, of which the largest island is Elba. these are our land's characteristics accompanied by country kitchen, prestigious wines, traditional parties, haircraft souvenirs and for last but not less main point the cordiality of our people. The commune of Badia Tedalda, in the Tuscan Province of Arezzo, Tuscany and exclave within Emilia-Romagna. Important and typical appointments in the country are spring festival, medieval exhibitions, antique markets, cake festival, local products exhibition and sale, and two livestock fairs at Massa Marittima. Unknown to hotel Italy road cycling Tuscany mass tourism, this rugged part of Tuscany offers innumerable surprises Tuscany all year round, especially in autumn and winter! Come and taste superior wine and high quality farm products in an untamed environment. Please enquire about an unforgettable vacation endowed with a priceless artistic heritage, endless natural beauty and woodlands and trails suitable for horse riding, trekking and mountain biking. Surrounded and crossed by major mountain chains and with few plains, the region has a relief that is dominated by hilly country used for agriculture. You will drive along a beautiful roads through some of Tuscany’s most beautiful sceneries . At onl few steps from us Hotel in Tuscany you find ancient villages famous in the Middle Age for their mines and scenes of fight and political conflicts. Tuscany has a legacy, and Florence is one of the world's most important water-color hotel Tuscany centres, even so that it is often nicknamed the "art palace of Italy". You can choose to walk Italy Tuscany the network of trails or to enjoy flowering of lilies Tuscany and wild orchids in the natural reserve of Cornate of Gerfalco-Fosini. It will be easy to see the flight of the hawk or the speedy escape of the shy roe-deer. At the end of your hotel Tuscany day you will enjoy a good dinner of traditional dishes of Sienese and Maremma cooking and you will sleep in the suggestive atmosphere. Painters such as Cimabue and Giotto, the fathers of Italian painting, lived in Florence and Tuscany as well as Arnolfo and Andrea Pisano, renewers of architecture and sculpture. There are numerous musical centres in Tuscany. Arezzo is indelibly connected with the name of Guido, the 11th-century monk who invented modern musical notation and the do-re-mi system of naming notes of the scale; Lucca hosted possibly the greatest Italian composer of Romanticism, Puccini hotel Tuscany and Siena is well known for the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, an organization that Italy Tuscany currently sponsors major musical activities such as the Siena Music Week and the Alfredo Casella International Composition Competition. Agritourism is a phenomenon developed in the Italian Countryside. Also of note are textiles, chemicals/pharmaceuticals, metalworking and steel, glass and ceramics, clothing and printing/publishing sectors. There are many visitors throughout the year. It achieves environmental sustainability Hotel in Toskana as well as financial and cultural sustainability, through funding from the government Tuscany Italy , traditional/organic agriculture techniques, traditional food preparation Tuscany Italy and the functions of a Bed and Breakfast/restaurant. The sustainability of Farms Tuscany Italy is achieved through the unique functions of Agritourism. Although Italy Tuscany its share is falling all the time, agriculture horse riding in Tuscany still contributes to the region's economy. In the region's inland areas cereals Italy Tuscany , potatoes Tuscany Italy , olives and grapes (for the world-famous Chianti wines) are grown. The potential for development of educational outreach in regards to the lifestyle of the family farm Tuscany Italy is high and important to the development of communities. Tuscany Italy Tuscany has a rich ancient and musical tradition, and has boasted numerous composers and musicians. Beyond Florence, the nine provinces in the region , named for the largest city. Taken together, they offer a rich musical culture. Florence is the main musical centre of Tuscany. The city was at the heart of much of our entire musical tradition. The swamplands, which used to be marshy, now produce vegetables, rice, hotel Tuscany tobacco, beets and sunflowers. The region contains holidays Toscana Italy and art galleries, many housing some of the world's most precious works of art. The industrial sector Italy Tuscany is dominated by mining hotel Tuscany , given the abundance Italy Tuscany of underground resources. Many towns Italy Tuscany and cities in Tuscany and architectural beauty. An example of the services and distribution activities Italy Tuscany that have evolved in the Tuscan countryside are Agritourismos. The subsoil in Tuscany is relatively rich in mineral resources, with iron ore, horse riding holidays in Tuscany Hotel Italy copper, mercury and lignite mines, the famous soffioni (fumarole) at Larderello Italy Tuscany and the vast marble mines Italy Tuscany in Versilia. The heavy industries are concentrated along the coastal strip, where there are also important chemical industries. Also of note are the marble and paper industries. It was there and experimented with setting tales of Greek mythology to music and staging the result: the first operas, fostering the further development of the operatic form, Italy Tuscany and the later developments of separate "classical" forms such as the symphony. Other Italy Tuscany important musical centres in Tuscany include Lucca, Pisa and Grosseto. Such museums include the Uffizi, which keeps Botticelli's Birth of Venus, the Pitti Palace, and the Bargello, to name a few. I gives horse riding Tuscany Italy the region a soil-building active freeze-thaw cycle in part accounting for the region's once having served as a key breadbasket of ancient Rome. Many of Tuscany's largest cities lie on the banks of the Arno, including the capital coastal areas, and is harsher and rainy in the interior, with considerable fluctuations in temperature between winter and summer.

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